Food Handler Cards

Definition of a Food Handler: Any person who shall prepare, handle, or dispense food for human consumption, or come into contact with food or food preparation utensils, at any food establishment.

Directions for applying for a food handlers card:

  • Print off card application and test answer sheet.
  • Take the open book test (all answers can be found in the food regulations). A minimum of 80% is required to pass the test.  Optional study material is provided in the links to food service videos.
  • Mail or drop off the completed card application form, test answer sheet and cash or check for $15 for three years or $5 for one year.  The address/drop off point is:  Henry County Health Center, 1800 Community Drive Clinton, MO  64735.  If you receive a minimum of 80% on the test you will be called and notified the card is ready for pickup at the Henry County Health Center.

If you have any questions, please call 660-890-8232 or E-mail:

For the application, study materials, and answer sheet – Click Here

Henry County Food Regulations – Click Here

Basic Food Safety Course Part 1

Basic Food Safety Course Part 2

Basic Food Safety Course Part 3

Basic Food Safety Course Part 4

Basic Food Safety Course Part 5

Basic Food Safety Course Part 6


Poster – Always Wash

Poster – Hand Washing

Poster – On The Serving Line

Poster – Personal Hygiene

Poster – Produce Salad Area

Poster – Refrigerate for Safety

Poster – Store Room Basics

Poster – Drown a Germ

Poster – Keep Hot Food Hot

Poster – Personal Appearance

Poster – Pot Sink

Poster – Receiving Area

Poster – Serving Line Employees

Poster – Use That Thermometer